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Great player . Favourite on Clarence Gatemouth Brown DVD . You have a Kiwi fan here in New Zealand .

No one but no one can play the horn like Eric Danny sr

Absolut brilliant Sax playin Eric! Like it so much. My Brother Play Saxophon,too! Go on so! Winni greet from Germany!

amazing performance at Big Easy last week!!! I'm 58 and have seen performances since I was 14 from many of the greats, past and present.... and yours is at the top of my list. Next time I am in the Houston area, I will find you... thanks!

Eric is the top! Top of the top!!!!

It's like That Sax is part of your very soul. You're so young too. I can't imagine what you will sound like 20 years from now, Can you imagine looking back and sayin' to yourself "Pshhhh I was still so green" Hahaha Holy Moly!! Does it get any better than this? well, if it does, I'm sure you'll be the guy to show it.... In short "WOW" Thank you for sharing your gift.

Every year we go to Jazz Fest we be thinking about you. Wish you were there.

Are you playing somewhere in Houston on Friday, March 30th? If so would you please let me know where. My boyfriend and I really enjoy your music. We say you play at the BB King concert.

Hi Eric I seem to be getting all my emails to you and Dusty "bounced"? Can you send me an email so we can get dialogue going again. Some good stuff to discuss! Cheers and Happy New Year to you ,Dusty and Danielle Love from Bonnie Scotland!!! Ernie tel 011 44 1382 581354

Your a awesome player. Ive been playing a long time but obviously not as hard as you! God Bless

Thanks for a wonderful performance at the House of Blues - Houston, Texas on 10/07/11. Your playing wss simply "outstanding"!!!!!!!!!!!

Eric joined Kim Wilson and the Fabulous Thunderbirds at the Freeport Blues Festival on Friday Sept2. Great closing to a wonderful show. Eric met with us for some photos and told us about opening for BB in Oct at The House of Blues. Ticket are in hand now. Looking forward to another great show!

Great website. I've been trying to get downtown on a Wed. night to see you. Will definitely be at the House of Blues on 10/7 to see you and B.B. King.

love yall

Eric, I have played with some terrific horn and sax players in my day, but NEVER have I been as jazzed as I was at the Moe Show this past Sunday. Dude, sitting next to you and hearing the purity of your stuff not only blew me away, but I think, gave me great new insight into how to approach improvisation - which has always been my only friend since I'm untrained - It was a joy, Eric - I hope to work with you again sometime. You are a Master! Please be in touch If I can ever be of service to you. Your friend and fan, Ron Christian Welch - Houston, Tx

nice to meet you on the phone today! i just may have to come and listen to you! where and when is your next event? JLee

Hey brother, great seeing you on July 4th! I tried to "friend" you on facebook - finally joined last week. Fill me in on that hot rod ligature, man! Bruce

Hi Eric, just want to thank you for the great performance recorded on the Montreux Jazz festival in 2004 with Carlos Santana, Clarence Gatemouth Brouwn and Buddy Guy...hoping to see you live some time I can only Wish you all the best, cheers John

Great web site!! IMPRESSIVE! Keep on making music because people like us need music to enjoy this crazy life.... Take care and good luck. http://artswrap.co.uk

Eric, Thanks for letting me play with you and your boys Wednesday night at Dan Electro's. Seriously enjoyed you, .Clifford and Gerald. That was the first time Tommie Lee and I had seen each other in a few years. Rock had said some very strong things about you and he was right. I'll be back to see you soon.

Mr. Demmer, Finally found a way to thank you for one of the absolute best music nights of our lives! It was the last CD release party for Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown. 2004, Oct. Our group of four were sitting balcony, stage left, when you took off!! My husband was so choked up, he could hardly get the "Woo-hoo" out! You are awesome! Looks like we need to get to Houston to catch you again. All the best to you.

Awesome show at the HOB Houston! Wailing with the Divas!

Hello Eric Will be coming to see your great performance at the house of blues. www.iluvwhatidotvshow.com

Great site, Eric. I love the pics....best wishes to you and your family! Celeste

Just buyed the Blu-ray w Gatemouth in Mountreaux...and i i've really enjoyed with the funky hippy sax. I love your style and makes me feel great. HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON IN SPAIN.

Just checkin you out. Your wife said for me to take a look,this is some good stuff.

I saw you blowin' saxaphone with Gatemouth almost everytime he came to DFW (Poor David's Pub, Caravan of Dreams, Son's of Hermann Hall & even @ the New Orleans Jazzfest). I bet I saw him 15 times from the time I Was 23 years old until he passed on. You were a great addition to the band. I bet you had a blast travelling all over the world.

Hey Dude, Wishing you were in NB coming up soon. Thinking of you and sending you and your family all the best. Totally AWESOME website. T

Great site updates. Looking forward to hearing the new "Saxdawgs" tomorrow night. No one does justice to the alto sax like you do. See you soon. Keep on blowin - it sounds sooo good. --Dick

Hi guys!! This is neat!! Can't wait to hear Eric!!! Congrats on the new website! http://www.hairstylesforwomen.org

Very cool alto sound. Bright and fat tone, just the sound I would like to have in my alto. What is You set up? Mouthpiece/reeds? Thanks from Norway EgilF. myspace dot com/efurre

I love your music. thanks for sharing it on your website. I wold love to hear you live. Please let me know next time you play live in Houston. Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

I love the website. It looks and sounds great!

Awesome!!! Love jazz!

Just heard the single... OUTSTANDING! Looking forward to more releases.... -Costa

I saw your Gatemouth Brown/Santana performance on a rented DVD, but could not for the life of me find any credits on the disk for the musicians. Loved yours and Gatemouths playing so much that I bought his Timeless CD hoping to find your name. Love the CD but still no name. Finally wrote to the Montreax people and they furnished your name. This should give you an idea how much I liked your playing, had to work like the devil to find out who you are. I'm a giging guitarist myself and was knocked down by both you and Gatemouth. Yeah, that's how to play the sax, just rip it open. I'd love the hear the Elizibeth Reed referred to here, where could I get that? All the best, you are a star!

Hi I saw you in a dvd, playing with Clarence Brown and would like to say you're the best alto sax player I've seen. A true inspiration. I am studying the alto and love the blues. I have found my inspiration. Your playing is so, so moving. Thank you!! Ps. I live in Argentina now, but travel often to London. would like to be in your mailing list so maybe I can see you live sometie.

Man, why don't I hear you play with BB King, or Brian Setzer, or the likes? You should be a star by now!

one bad ass sax player

Good to see your website. Would be great to see / hear you, but haven't been back to Houston in a while. All the best to your family. Keep doing good stuff and the rest will come to you. bye for now.

i am an amateur tenor blues player living in Lebanon and I discovered u on the montreux dvd .really love your playing , wish u all the success your immense talent and your dedication deserve.Good luck, Eric

Hello Eric! My fiance and I heard you play this past Saturday at Scott Gertners Sports Bar. We thought you were Awesome. We're getting married and would love for you to play at our ceremony.

Hi , Eric , just want to say that I love your fresh version of "you can't always get what you want" !! We really albums from you! have a great christmas! D.

Just watched the Santana 3-CD Montreaux Concert. GREAT BLOWING Eric!!!!! I needed to watch it twice and I will watch again and again. Immediately Googled you up to find out more. Put me on your email list please. Bob Tomkins btjava47@yahoo.com Bob Tomkins

Hi Eric, me and my Boyfriend would like to congratulate you! We saw your performance with Santana at the Live in Montreaux and you're simply great!!!!! Come here to Italy please! Bye!

Hi Eric!!!me and my boyfriend would like to tell you that you're great!!!!!! Bye,hope we'll see you here in Italy!!!!

Hey dad! aren't you proud of me for hitting all the high notes?Yeah! sure u are....just dont be jealous when i get famous! lol jkjkjkjk ur the best... no one can beat you. Keep playin...lol

Saw you Oct. 16, 2004 HOB/New Orleans...It was the Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown CD release performance. You were awesome and had our group on our feet and choked up when you solo'd. Great sounds! Hope to see you again soon.

I wanted to know more information on Eric's equipment and set- ups. Thanks Jimmy

Eric, Hi Eric ! I'm safely home including the Great DVD from Montreux! I'm just back from Houston and I miss your Great Sound and the Sky Bar! I wish you a great Thanksgiving. Stefan

Eric, Finally got to hear you at Pershing....man you stole the show!!!! You are awsome, I never knew that playing that sax could be so intense...I was really blown away...you are the best!!! Thanx for your time and all the other band members for performing at Pershing...all for a good cause.......and tell Dusty thanx for all of her hard work also...she really poured her heart into it. I enjoyed "helping" tear down the sound afterwards and just hanging out.

My man E! Just passing by to check your website! I'm proud to be your friend! See you soon.

Hey Eric! Great gig at Howling Coyote!! Fantastic to see you,Dusty and Danielle. Watched the DVD --- brilliant! I should be over again very soon. Thanks for all your hospitality and friendship. Mike and Lesley also appreciated your kindness -- they don't get out much with Mike's MS. Love to y'all from Bonnie Scotland! Ernie

Yea Eric! Rick does an awesome job on the vox track as well. I can't wait to hear what you do next. Peace, Geronimo

Yea Eric! Rick does an awesome job on the vox track as well. I can't wait to hear what you do next. Peace, Geronimo

Eric, the Jamaican twist had all of us dancing!!! Congrat's on the itunes venture...best to you and the gang!!! Great having lunch @ Alamo Cafe, must do again...soon!

I've had the pleasure of meeting Eric AND I was at the Allman Bros.show, that he played at. Magic. Keep on playing, Eric!

I'm a 23 year old southern rock/blues singer...my cousin Johnny Carrabba gave me your info. I look forward to checking you out on itunes! All The Best, Brooke Benestante

Who Loves Ya Baby! I just love the new song. You are the best baby. Looking forward with Johnny on September 15 to hear you at the SkyBar. You are a very special person. Love Ya! Bubba

You are awesome. We are so proud of you. Come to SA sometime and look us up.

Congratulations on the single release . . . sounds fantastic!

Great website! I'm from Austria and I'm a sax player myself. I visited your concert in Vienna with Clarence Gatemouth Brown some years ago. I like your sax playing very very much. All the best for you and keep on blowing! Martin

Great web site Big E, where's your T-shirts???

It been my pleasure to work with such an excellent saxophone player as Mr. Demmer and in 35 years,I've seen a lot of them,but most of all he's my friend. Thank you very much Eric for all the great music.

Great site, Eric. When you get that CD out and about, you know I'll get in line for it. You've been making the great alto sounds for some time now - (Good Time Charlie's??) It's my extreme pleasure to say you've been a friend for a long time. Keep on rockin, nobody does it better. ---Dick

Hey Eric, great website! I'm a guitar player from south Lousiana, and recently got into Gatemouth's stuff and saw you play on a couple of his dvd's. Awesome sax work! Hope to hear more of it soon. Peace...

WAY TO GO ERIC! Keep up the good work. We concur with Danielle, "AWESOME" website.

Greetings from "Bonnie Scotland"! Website is "pretty darn cool"! That was a "wee" bit American from me! (in a Dundee accent!) We'll get you over here soon I hope! All the best. Regards to Scott! -- Ernie


I truly like this website. I was not aware that you knew all these famous people. I have seen you play at the Skybar before and really enjoyed it. Keep up the good work. Hope to hear you play again.

Long overdue!!! Excellent site. Continued success, and thanks for all your support during our trying times. You and your family are awesome!!!

Hey Eric, The site looks terrific!! I know you're working on some audio and video links -- can't wait. Eric is such a dynamic, amazing performer. It's time to show off his talent to a broader audience. Carry on!

Great site!! How do we get to hear that live solo from the Allman Brothers show?

Love it! What a great picture and I like the colors of the website. Now I would like to hear Eric play!

More pictures... more pictures.... Cool Eric... it's about time.... love you all... Katy

Hi guys!! This is neat!! Can't wait to hear Eric!!! Congrats on the new website!

The website is looking terrific!! I look forward to seeing more stuff . . . and some audio links!

Hey Dad- I think the new website is awesome!!!!

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