You Can't Always Get What You Want-REGGAE STYLE

Eric Demmer
Mick Jagger and Keith Richards


When Eric was just a teenager, he first got the idea of making a new arrangement of one of his favorite rock and roll tunes that was written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. He kept hearing "You Can't Always Get What You Want" over and over in his head, but with a different kind of twist: a REGGAE beat!! He had never heard anyone else play it like that and he asked some of his musician friends what they thought. They all agreed it would be fun to do and they encouraged him to make a recording of it and Eric enlisted their help: Skip Nallia (keyboards); David Peters (drums); Bill Rowe (bass); Brian Doria (Percussion)and Rick Marcel (Guitar/vocals). They all traveled to Bogalusa, Louisiana, to a famous recording studio called, "Studio In The Country", where the Grammy award-winning recording engineer, Gene Foster, helped Eric's idea come to fruition. The listener first hears Demmer's soothing, sultry tones of his alto saxophone as he plays the introductory notes of the song much like the original. The smooth rhythm breaks into an unexpected REGGAE beat that uplifts the listener's mood as he hears the happy-go-lucky sounds of steel drums that are sprinkled throughout the song. This quickly transports the listener to the Caribbean as he conjures up the scenery of crystal clear, turquoise-blue waters lapping at the white sands of a beach, while palm trees sway in the tropical breezes. Vocalist, Rick Marcel, enhances this image by adding his own special touch to take the listener all the way to his own, private island. If you'd like to hear Eric's version of this great song, you can check it out on iTunes.

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