-Top Ten Guests, Part II #1) Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavillion, Woodlands, Texas October, 1997 I wrote extensively about this show in the "Best Shows of 1997" column, so I won't repeat it here. But, Eric Demmer on "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed" is so fantastic, that you have to hear it. He's terrific on the opening melody and Dickey gives him a lot of room to play during what would normally be his solo. It works big time. Get it."

Thirty Spectacular Moments From Thirty Spectacular Years "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed" 3 Oct 97, Mitchell Pavillion, Woodlands Special guest Eric Demmer on saxophone makes this a most spectacular version of "Liz Reed". It was hard to pick this one over the two versions that were played in the same night at the Beacon, but Eric just so fully infused himself into the arrangement that it seems like he'd been playing this song for twenty-eight years himself. You will not find a better version of "Liz Reed" with a guest than this one."

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